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Russian Economic Trends

Dear readers,
we are sorry to inform you that the RECEP project is to be temporarily suspended. This means that the Russian Economic Trends will not be coming out either.
If you are interested in the Russian Economic Trends data, please take a look at the options here.

For further information please contact Mr. Paavo Suni at Paavo.Suni@etla.fi

Russian Economic Trends (RET) has been published since 1992 and has become a leading publication of statistics and analysis on the Russian economy. Russian Economic Trends is written by a team of economists at RECEP with the support of the Working Centre for Economic Reform of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Russian Economic Trends monitors Russia's economy, describing conditions in, for example, the monetary and fiscal systems, the banking sector, industrial structure, and the labour market. In 1998, the format of RET was redesigned to include greater coverage of microeconomic issues and to improve the presentation of quantitative information.

Russian Economic Trends comes out in two independent but complementary versions – the quarterly and the monthly editions.

The quarterly edition offers a comprehensive overview of Russia’s economic developments in the respective period and in-depth analysis focusing on longer-term policy issues, based on the latest statistical data and research findings.

The monthly issues, usually presented at a press-conference in Moscow, provide readers with up-to-the-minute information on the key economic indicators and comment on the current developments in the Russian economy. The monthly edition of Russian Economic Trends is unique not only in the timely nature of its information but also in offering profound economic analysis, updated statistics, and economic news in a single publication.

During the ten year history of Russian Economic Trends (RET) a unique data bank of statistical information on macroeconomic developments in Russia has been accumulated. Since September of 2002 a part of this RET data base has been available for everybody for downloading. It includes the most interesting monthly and quarterly RET time-series. Please find more information on RET Database and files for downloading here.

RET Team
sitting (left to right): Lyuba Loukachova, Eugenia Antonova, Seija Lainela, Ekaterina Ivleva, Maria Boyko
standing (left to right): Vladimir Redkin, Eugeniy Grinkrug, Sergey Nikolaenko, Sergey Afontsev, Andrey Poletayev, Paavo Suni, Michael Sulyaev

Editor-in-Chief: Seija Lainela